Training Options

*Magma Strength Systems clients do not require membership for Movement FP.
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Virtual Workouts (1-on-1 and partner options)

This package option is for creatures of habit who would like a workout schedule based on their current schedule with the daily communication of a coach who handles their program. These workouts are available in 2-4x/week options where you and your coach will meet via zoom with a customized workout plan outlined with all the equipment that you have access to. The benefit of this option is your schedule will be more adhered to accomodating your physical fitness and when your gym becomes available, your transition will be much smoother. 

Customized workouts with weekly meeting w a coach 

This package option is for people who have a schedule that can adapt to prioritizing their physical fitness but are unsure of a direction to their workouts. Clients will get weekly workouts with a coaching call to ensure that they understand the layout of the program and get familiar with how to execute the movements and the program the way intended. 

In-person Training options 

As of November 11th, 2020, Magma Strength Systems is no longer holding in-person training sessions. our home facility, Movement Fitness and Performance, was part of the Code Red Lockdown restrictions enforced by the Manitoba Government. Once more details are released regarding reopening there will be more information in this section. if you would like more information, please email:

Nutrition Coaching

Our Head dietitian is Hao-yi Sim. He has successfully handled and assisted our athletes who have competed in Weightlifting and powerlifting competitions which have weight class restrictions. hao-yi has also been of great help with changing the relationship of food with many of our clients which have seen great improvements in body composition, health scores, and mental health because of his expertise. Hap-yi currently has limited availability for virtual nutritional assessments. for more information you can contact
To inquire about any of the packages about you can contact or go back to the "Coaches" tab an find their contact information there