The Gym

Strength Zone

Sport Specific Strength Zone

This area is dedicated to training methods with sites on increasing a person’s functional strength. The typical Magma Strength Athlete spends 40-60% of their workouts in this area doing a variety of different movements. The strength zone is laid out to function for a client to transition from barbell compound movements to unilateral strength exercises in a seamless manner.


Equipment Included:

  • Squat-Bench Combo Rack (2)

  • Speciality Bars

    • Duffalo Bar

    • Safety Squat Bar

    • Swiss Bar

    • Olympic Weightlifting / Powerlifting (deadlifting) Barbells

The sport-specific strength zone is typically where the Magma Strength System coaches will customize the workout to the client’s goals and abilities. This area is dedicated for clients to have increased attention on either specific movements or training methods. In this area you will be able to blend the comforts of the strength zone with the functionality of the conditioning area for maximum sport specific engagement.


Equipment included:

  • Weightlifting platforms (3)

  • Bumper Plates (20kg-15kg-10kg-5kg)

  • Fractional Plates

  • Trap deadlift Bar

  • Turf Access  

Conditioning Zone

Warm-up/Cool Down

The conditioning area is the most open part of the gym making the set-up for workouts quick, and the workouts fun and challenging. This area is centered by a large turf with 2 sleds with 2 rowers and assault bikes on the perimeter. The layout of the conditioning zone makes it easy to adjust workouts day of as well as change workouts to ensure that you do not hit a plateau or staleness in your regimen. 


Equipment included:

  • Brute Squat Rack

  • Steel Plates (20kg-15kg-10kg-5kg)

  • Dumbbells (2.5lb-100lb)

  • Turf

  • Sled (2), Assault Bike (2), Rower (2)

  • Slam Balls

  • Kettlebells (5lb-70lb) 

  • Tractor Tires (150lb-200lb)

  • Cable Station

The warm-up/cool-down area adapts to what equipment you need to use. This space allows you to focus on pre-session mobility, flexibility, and activation with the use of the bands, foam rollers, or mobility balls. This space can also be used in sequence with the conditioning zone for a client’s active warm-up or cool down. A simple additional space that can make the difference between recovery taking 3-5 days or 1-2 days.


Equipment Included:

  • Large Elastic Bands (Green, Black, Red, Orange)

  • Hip Circles

  • Lacrosse/Soft Balls

  • Foam Rollers (Smooth and Ribbed)

  • Anti-gravity boots

  • Access to cardio equipment  


  • Showers

  • Washrooms/Changerooms

  • Lockers (Daily/monthly rentals)

  • Lounge area

  • Microwave

  • Water cooler

  • Kaizen Supplements

  • Fitaid